The week before (and the reason Ampleforth felt like a walk in the park), Dex and I completed Windsor Duathlon. The organisers were unlucky in that heavy rain the night before had turned the transition area into a quagmire, and proceedings kicked off an hour late due to inept parking marshalling. Being part of the age group duathlon qualification, we were in the midst of serious athletes, with what I thought was a harsh cut-off of 3.5 hours. Windsor Great Park is indeed iconic, but this was somewhat lost on me with a hill start for the 10K run (I felt like an old pit pony), a wallow in deep mud to exit transition followed by the same hill start into a challenging 4 circuit 40K bike ride with a few slow pulls and a couple of cheeky inclines. Mercifully, the final 5K run was 2 circuits on the flat-ish road leading to Windsor Castle surrounded by cheering crowds. As always, “shudda wudda cudda” if only I’d done more training, but was hugely relieved that I completed before being “swept up”. And now, the memory of how hard it was is fading and I’m already planning how I’m going to be in better shape for next year’s event (if only to get me in close proximity to Bicester Outlet village to hit the shops the next day)!