So this is the race format for the Tri-relay weekend. August Bank Holiday.
If you are up for it let me (Stuart Blagborough) know as I need to book teams.
Your club membership covers the cost and the weekend is a different way to race or even just try and open water event.

Saturday 27 August – Triathlon Relays – 500m swim | 15km bike | 5km run

Teams of 4 – get a team of 4 together, be it friends, workmates or triclub friends!
You get breaks! Each team member will individually complete each section (swim / bike / run) before you all move on to the next discipline, meaning you get a nice break in between to rest and eat!
Anyone can enter – Come along and have some fun, to let you in on a secret… that’s what it’s all about!

Sunday 28 August – Tag Relay – 250m swim | 5km bike | 1.5km run

Teams of 4 – Same as Saturday!
You don’t get breaks – Each person has to complete the entire course before tagging the next team member.
This is fast and fun – With such a short, fast course, this is loads of fun and everyone will be cheering!

Sunday 28 August – Team Time Trial – 500m swim | 10km bike | 3km run

The final – The top 10 teams in each category will battle it out in a unique 4 up style team triathlon – great to watch but even better to take part in!

For event website, click here.