The eagerly awaited new kit site with Champion Systems is now live!

All the basic kit items are available to order and the hoodies are on the way !

Please act quickly if you want to order some kit – our order window is open until 31st May 2016. We need to order collectively to meet the minimum quantities required to go into production! The club will make up any small difference to achieve a minimum order if required, and prices have been reduced by 25% as an introductory offer.

Order Process – Quick Overview

Click on the link below and go to I AM A CS DIRECT MEMBER – ACCESS TO TEAM STORE:

Login details:


Our collective order is shown as ‘Calderdale Tri May Order’.

Once you have entered these details you will be asked to create your own personal login which you can use going forwards.

On entering the site, you will see the design proofs for our club. If you hover over a proof, you can select to see the item in 3D, where appropriate. Click on the item you want and follow the instructions to place your specific order. There are a number of options to customise your kit if you so wish!

You will pay for your order (a 25% club discount is automatically included) and assuming there are no problems with minimum order quantities, the orders will be processed and should arrive with me approximately 8 weeks after our order is placed.

Any problems with the site, please contact Champion Systems directly on 01204 869996. However, any general queries about kit, please don’t hesitate to message me.

More Information

If you would like more information on the different specifications of kit items, please open the main ‘Champion Systems’ site alongside your order:

Scroll down the page and under ‘CHOOSE YOUR SPORT’, click on the ‘TRIATHLON’ area and then access the section you are interested in – tops, bottoms,skin suits etc where you will find more detail about the individual items.

Happy ordering!

Simon Fox
Calderdale Tri Club – Kit Officer