Bill Johnson has done a quick analysis of the tri standard distance results for people to wrangle over.  
For each person it shows:
  • time for each discipline
  • rank, i.e. how your time for that discipline ranks compared with all the other finishers in your category
  • “expected” – this is a calculation of how long the average person in your category would have taken at that discipline if their finish time was the same as your overall finish time. i.e. it shows what time you would be expected to do in that discipline based on your finish time.
  • “gain”/”loss” – this shows how much time you gained or lost compared to that expected time.
  • “run fade” – this shows how much you slowed up over the final couple of laps on the run compared to the first couple of laps
 So for instance Anne’s swim time was 13th out of 36 W50 finishers. Based on her overall time she would have been expected to have taken 29:03 on the swim, so she lost 02:17 on the swim.
Anne faded by 4% during the run.  (Note from Anne: Fading due to calf management and people dodging!) 
Genevieve actually got quicker on the final laps of the run compared to the initial ones.
 Laura was very consistent – no more than 30 seconds variation throughout.
Neil was very consistent too.
The biggest variation is how much Genevieve gains on the bike compared to her swim time.
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