Embrun Race Report – by Fiona and Andy

Embrun race report

We’re typing this from the sun drenched balcony of our rented maison in Embrun on – THE DAY AFTER. Enjoying the most scenic of Alpine views, a cloudless sky and the chink of my glass of wine from the local Cave by my side (Super U). So yes, the day after Andy and I undertook the Embrunman long distance triathlon a good time to reflect and recount. We thought we’d share a combined review. You can guess for yourselves who wrote which bit!

Billed as one of the hardest long distance events in the world, why the hell were we doing it? Well, in 2015, we undertook the Alpe d’Huez (ADH) triathlon. That was some challenge in itself, but we caught the bug for racing on the continent and making a bit of a holiday out of it too. In the week after […]

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Worthing triathlon – 28th Aug

Worthing triathlon – 28thAugust 2016 – by Anne Johnson


I entered this race on an impulse after been encouraged / harassed / bullied by Hannah Mansell to have a go at a GB qualifying race!! Bill had been saying for a while I should have a go but I felt my swimming prevented me. This was the only race I could do of the 3 qualifying races so thought why not. A week before the race, after seeing results from the 2nd qualifier at Liverpool , I nearly chickened out, what was I thinking when I entered, no chance, and Worthing, about as far away as you could get!!

The day before, drove down with Bill and stayed at Brighton youth hostel.  So grateful to Bill for accompanying me on such a long journey on a bank holiday weekend!! Not pleasant!!  Kept thinking, can’t let him down. Not been to Brighton before […]

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Review of the Beastie triathlon, Loch Lomond – by Sarah Farnell

The Beastie triathlon – by Sarah Farnell

I picked this event because I have family nearby and I know this beautiful area well. I looked forward to it greatly and was not disappointed! It was very well organised and friendly, a great starter tri. First the ‘Wee Beastie’ triathletes set off-mostly people doing their first tri. There was quite a wait then before the ‘Big Beastie’ sprint event-transition closed at 10 and the second Beastie wave (the one I was in) didn’t set off until 11.sarah farnell130…

I was very cold waiting around even in my wetsuit! This would be my only niggle about the event…which I immediately forgot as soon as we got into the water to warm up! The swim was lovely, 750 m along the shallow edge of Loch […]

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Liverpool tri – by Laura Wright

Dexter wanted to do this event as the bike course promised to be very flat.  When we entered at the start of 2016, it didn’t occur to us that it was a British Triathlon Age-Group Championships event, so the field in the Olympic distance would be distinctly lacking in mountain bikes, fancy dress and newbies.

 Having opted to make a weekend of it, we went to register on the Saturday and were surprised to learn that the transition area was inside the Echo Arena on Albert Dock, with no public information about whether there was to be a bag drop anywhere nearby (although later it turned out there was one and it seemed secure).  The swim start also seemed to be quite a walk away and we encountered a few triathletes who, like us, were trying to figure out how the swim could possibly end […]

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Colin Brooke – reporting on Alpe d’Huez 28 July 2016

Colin Brooke – reporting on Alpe d’Huez 28 July 2016

The thoughts passing through my mind could be summed up from verses taken from the book of Ecclesiastes ‘To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven’ ………..’a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away’. I recollected the words spoken some years ago by our own prophet Chris Jones when he hinted that I might consider joining the Autumn Tints cycling group. Was that time now upon me? I was peering at a closed barrier, those within proceeding with their run to personal glory, those without left to dwell on their own thoughts of rejection and failure.

Although the Alpe d’ Huez sounds tough and looks tough the organisers seem to treat it as quite ‘run of the mill’. There can’t be many […]

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Lakesman – by Stuart Blagborough

The Lakesman – June 2016

About twelve months ago I was told about a Long (Ironman) distance race in the Lake District. “What a stupid idea!!” Previous experiences in the area, such as ‘Day in the Lakes’ and ‘Coniston Tri’ were brutal courses taking some of the infamous passes, climbs with fell runs up mountains. So to go long was not going to be considered. (Although I did look into the details of the event.)

Then during the summer, I visited the area, in particular Keswick and Derwent Water. It was while standing on the water side looking out to the islands and the still water I wanted to get in so knew the event was going to be entered. There were other appealing factors of the event with the promise of a FLAT?? Course and that for a long distance event you could […]

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