The Beastie triathlon – by Sarah Farnell

I picked this event because I have family nearby and I know this beautiful area well. I looked forward to it greatly and was not disappointed! It was very well organised and friendly, a great starter tri. First the ‘Wee Beastie’ triathletes set off-mostly people doing their first tri. There was quite a wait then before the ‘Big Beastie’ sprint event-transition closed at 10 and the second Beastie wave (the one I was in) didn’t set off until 11.sarah farnell130…

I was very cold waiting around even in my wetsuit! This would be my only niggle about the event…which I immediately forgot as soon as we got into the water to warm up! The swim was lovely, 750 m along the shallow edge of Loch Lomond, with a seaplane landingand distracting me temporarily from my focus! Out of the water we ran up a steep incline back to transition; from there we rode on tracks, trails, grassy downhills and through muddy woodland. I’m not a mountain biker but the 3 lap course gave me chance to gain confidence every time I wen
t round! I don’t even have a mountain bike but my ‘cross bike handled the terrain fine and what I lost in the mud I suspect I gained on the track sections.

Back sarah Farnell2to transition again and the run began, an undulating park run on a mixture of good tracks and tarmac. My reward was a pottery medal, indicative of this unique event, as well as a fun overall experience. The marshals told me off for smiling too much as I set off on the run-but I couldn’t help it! I would recommend this sprint triathlon to anyone who likes beautiful views and an off road experience.