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Ripon tri – 1st olympic distance – by Chris Vaughan

Ripon Triathlon race report

Ripon triathlon was an Olympic distance triathlon so this is double the distance of the two  triathlons already completed this year. The distance was 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run. I was the only para triathlete with Andy as my guide. As the only para triathlete on the race course this meant that we didn’t just have to compete to the best of our abilities but that we were competing against all able bodied competitors.

The swim was an open water swim in Ripon Racecourse Lake. To get to the swim we had to run to the start of our pack as we were running a little late. Once there we had to jump into the water and swim about 20 meters to catch our race pack for the start. Once we were there we only had less than ten seconds before […]

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Ironman 70:3 Haugesund, Norway

Race Report – by Caroline Fox

A couple of years ago Simon and I embarked on an exciting new hobby called ‘Triathlon’.  It all started with a fun triathlon in Nantwich and we both did OK – I certainly got off to quite a confident start and have enthusiastically been entering all sorts of events since.  However, I don’t think I always pay enough attention to the differences between the races we are now entering and the original ‘fun’ triathlon (with people running in fancy dress around a 2.5k route….).  For Simon though, Norway had received a lot of attention as this was his 2016 ‘A’ race after training hard all season….

So, Norway – 70.3 Ironman!  We were  both keen to try a branded ‘Ironman’ event and saw it as a great excuse for […]

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A light hearted review of Leeds – by Fiona Christian

Sometime,  way back in the midst of 2015, we heard that the WTS was coming to Leeds.  Hurrah, we thought.  Let’s get our entries in early – which we did and then thought no more about it.  At the risk of sounding like I’m getting the excuses in early, it’s not really my sort of race.  The city centre races tend to have quite technical bike courses with 180 degree turns and a lot of testosterone fuelled men with disc wheels who are hoping for a PB on flat courses.  There are not often many hills on these courses and again, whilst I haven’t quite worked out the weight to power ratio that most climbers have (or stopped drinking wine),  we do most of our training in the hills and ‘undulating’ courses tend to suit me best.   The best thing about Leeds would be the atmosphere and having […]

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Back to Fitness physiotherapy – Club discount

Back to Fitness, who are based in Ripponden, were recommended to me 5 years ago and I can’t praise them highly enough. I have been a runner all my life and am forever battling injuries. Charlotte Murray, who owns the practice, and Joe Washington, are superb at diagnosing injuries and looking at your biomechanics to find the root cause of the problem.

Back to Fitness  have offered club members a discount for  an initial consultation of £40 instead of £50,then  half hour sessions at £30 instead of £35. They also offer sports massages which are excellent (can be painful!)

If anyone has an injury and  wants some advice, Charlotte has offered to try and answer any questions on our facebook page.  Start your post with ‘ Charlotte Murray’.
Click here for the link to ‘Back to Fitness’.



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Leeds ITU standard distance – analysis of results

Bill Johnson has done a quick analysis of the tri standard distance results for people to wrangle over.  
For each person it shows:
  • time for each discipline
  • rank, i.e. how your time for that discipline ranks compared with all the other finishers in your category
  • “expected” – this is a calculation of how long the average person in your category would have taken at that discipline if their finish time was the same as your overall finish time. i.e. it shows what time you would be expected to do in that discipline based on your finish time.
  • “gain”/”loss” – this shows how much time you gained or lost compared to that expected time.
  • “run fade” – this shows how much you slowed up over the final couple of laps on the run compared to the first […]
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Leeds triathlon – 12th June

This weekend, 11th / 12th June, the ITU world triathlon is coming to Leeds. Lots of members are taking part in the open race in the sprint and standard distance.  Start times ranging from 7am to 10am. Time after for a few drinks and a quick catch up before watching the pro race.  It’s going to be an amazing weekend. Good luck to everyone racing. Open race route

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Burnley 10k – by Graham Plews

The forth year of the ‘hilly’ Burnley 10K greeted the c. 2000 competitors with wall-to-wall sunshine. The race started and finished in the fabulous Towneley Park with a short road section linking this section with a loop around Thompson Park. Burnley really is blessed with some great parks.
ABurnley 10k - Graham Plewsnyway, given my recent demands on NHS resources I’m not sure how sensible it was for me to enter the race but I thought “you only live once” and its all good triathlon training so lets go for it! A couple of years ago my time of 46.51 would probably have plunged me into a state of depression (only kidding!) but when I saw I came third in my AG out of 33 and 148th overall decided perhaps this wasn’t too shabby after-all. 
The race was […]

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Slateman Full triathlon – 22nd May

Slateman Race report by Anne Johnson – 1000m swim, 50k bike, 11.6k run

I first heard about the Slateman three years ago from a race report in 220 magazine. Coming from a fell running background and just able to swimming 400m in the pool, the event appealed to me as a future goal.

On the morning of the race, Bill and I set off for Llanberis at 5am. Bill, not yet as enthused by triathlon as me, but there for much needed moral support.  I felt as prepared as I could be for the swim and my cycling had improved a lot. The run should have been my strongest discipline, but having had so much  problem with my knees and calfs, I didn’t know how it would go. The rain was meant to hold off until late afternoon but the heavens opened as I registered . Hadn’t taken any […]

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Velothon Wales – by Colin Brooke

Colin Brooke – reporting on Velothon Wales 22 May 2016

Tried owales velothonut the latest thing in cycling events last weekend – Velothon Wales is one of the series of events held throughout Europe. The really attractive feature of the 140km course was that it was all on closed roads which meant riding either side of islands and roundabouts and taking blind right hand bends tucked into the right hand kerb, just like the real thing as seen on TV. With 12500 participants there was some congestion on narrow roads and at feed stations but, otherwise, and especially without having to constantly check for vehicles, the event was very enjoyable. During the early easier part of the route there were murmurings and warnings about the impending climbs, a long one up the Tumble onto the moors and a shorter one up the […]

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Great Wall marathon – by Doug Gurr

“Great Wall Marathon” – kind of does what it says on the tin.  It’s a marathon, on the Great Wall of China – what’s not to like?  Slickly organized, it’s a marathon, half marathon and 8.5K “fun run” rolled into one with 2,500 runners (about 1,000 in the marathon itself) and around the quarter of the race on the Great Wall itself – passing East to West near the start and then West to East towards the end with (apparently) some 5,164 steps to be climbed along the way.  The rest of the course being a trog around some rural Chinese villages with a bunch of hills thrown in for good measure.

To reduce congestion the race sets off in five waves ten minutes apart from 7.30am to 8.10am with full and half marathon runners mixed together in the first four waves and the “fun” run […]

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