RACE REPORT – KINLOCH (Lake Taupo – New Zealand) TRIATHLON –  12th February 2017 – By Graham Plews.

Living in the southern hemisphere for the UK winter means I get to race before anyone else! I did the Kinloch Olympic Distance Triathlon yesterday so this should be the first CTC race report for 2017. Kinloch is a lovely small town on a beautiful inlet on the crystal clear waters of Lake Taupo less than two drive from our house in Cambridge. The event included a number of races over different distances but the main races were Sprint and OD distances both on the same course. Rhonda and I camped in our little campervan on site at the Kinloch Marina and we were blessed with perfect weather for the entire weekend. Our friends, Martin and Justine, who also […]

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Kielder Water Swim and Kielder Reiver Tri – by Andy Wright

Kielder Water Swim and Kielder Reiver Tri


What is the difference between a swimmer and a triathlete?  The answer, I found out this weekend, is to do with how much they whimper.

This was the third year that Vital Events have put on the Kielder Water Swim, and the second year of the Kielder Reiver Triathlon.  Against my better judgement I had decided to enter both events; on Saturday acting as guide for Chris in the 1 mile sw20160917_134104im and then on Sunday alone in my first solo tri this season.

On both days I had the luxury of being down there nice and early to watch the earlier waves setting off.  The swimmers in the 10k category impressed me no end, wading out into the cold body of water that is Kielder Water I didn’t hear a peep out of any of them, even […]

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Colin Brooke – reporting on the Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon 17 September 2016

Colin Brooke – reporting on the Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon 17 September 2016

Sustenance and support on the longer distance events

(Warning; the elite racers amongst us might find some parts of this report disturbing)

Obviously the greater the distance or time out on an event the greater will be the amount of fuel we need. I have my own my simplistic way of working out what food to take and calculating how much, which probably boils down to ‘varied and plenty’. As the distance events usually start very early in the morning, often having to prepare before sunrise when our appetites are unlikely to be good, I try to eat a substantial meal during the evening before.

I did try the pasta party type approach at the Kalmar ironman in Sweden but found the polystyrene dish of pasta strips, with no more flavour […]

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Through someone elses eyes – by Andy Wright

Through Someone Else’s Eyes

It was in the autumn of 2015 and, like all triathletes at this time of year, my thoughts were starting to draw towards the next years events.  What race do I fancy doing? To which exciting locations might this next year take me? What can I do to challenge myself? Maybe this year I’ll do a 70.3.

Then I read a request from Chris, a blind athlete, who already enjoyed all three disciplines of bike and run and a very small bit of swim (the usual triathlete proportions) but wanted to tie it all together.  He had various people who had guided him on runs or steered his tandem, but wanted to do the full tri, so he had placed a few messages around and I happened to see one of them.

Immediately it sparked my interest.  Triathlon is a very […]

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Diary of a newish open water swimmer – by Jane Frechette

When did I become obsessed? (Diary of a ‘newish’ open water swimmer)

Jan 2014 – New Year’s Resolution – learn front crawl.

As I was already a fell runner and cyclist decided, along with two friends Anne (Johnson!) & Angela), to have a go at a sprint triathlon. After intensish training and a lot of discussion over coffees & cake during the summer, we committed and entered our first sprint tri.

Sept 2014 – Skipton Late Summer Tri   (me on the right)thumbnail_skipton_2014_7_75a

Discussion followed re future tri’s – but what if the swim wasn’t in a pool??

Jan 2015 – Filled with enthusiasm I Googled
‘Open water swimming holidays’ Result – SwimTrek!! Booked on their ‘Intro to Open water in Mallorca’ 

Along with further sprint tri’s with pool based swims Anne, Angela […]

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Rubicon – Post race interviews

Interview with Craig Barker – by Laura Wright


Interview with Dexter Wright  – by Laura Wright


Interview with Fiona Christian – by Andy Lynex

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Wirral open water sprint distance triathlon – by Graham Plews

The Wirral IMG_1170open water sprint distance triathlon was help at the marina, West Kirby and was organised by Epic Events. The weather forecast was not good for early in the day but we were were blessed with ideal conditions for racing and spectating for whole event. I’d entered this event so that Dan and I could race together during his visit on his way back to New Zealand following the Rio Olympics. We were of course accompanied by our number one supporters, Rhonda and Kate.

The c.300 competitors were set off in three waves and kicked-off at 8.00am. As we gathered on the shore of the marina lake clad in the usual open-water swim apparel the organiser ask competitors raise their arm if they had traveled more than 50 miles, then 75, then 100, then 200…at the end of […]

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Embrun Race Report – by Fiona and Andy

Embrun race report

We’re typing this from the sun drenched balcony of our rented maison in Embrun on – THE DAY AFTER. Enjoying the most scenic of Alpine views, a cloudless sky and the chink of my glass of wine from the local Cave by my side (Super U). So yes, the day after Andy and I undertook the Embrunman long distance triathlon a good time to reflect and recount. We thought we’d share a combined review. You can guess for yourselves who wrote which bit!

Billed as one of the hardest long distance events in the world, why the hell were we doing it? Well, in 2015, we undertook the Alpe d’Huez (ADH) triathlon. That was some challenge in itself, but we caught the bug for racing on the continent and making a bit of a holiday out of it too. In the week after […]

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Worthing triathlon – 28th Aug

Worthing triathlon – 28thAugust 2016 – by Anne Johnson


I entered this race on an impulse after been encouraged / harassed / bullied by Hannah Mansell to have a go at a GB qualifying race!! Bill had been saying for a while I should have a go but I felt my swimming prevented me. This was the only race I could do of the 3 qualifying races so thought why not. A week before the race, after seeing results from the 2nd qualifier at Liverpool , I nearly chickened out, what was I thinking when I entered, no chance, and Worthing, about as far away as you could get!!

The day before, drove down with Bill and stayed at Brighton youth hostel.  So grateful to Bill for accompanying me on such a long journey on a bank holiday weekend!! Not pleasant!!  Kept thinking, can’t let him down. Not been to Brighton before […]

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Review of the Beastie triathlon, Loch Lomond – by Sarah Farnell

The Beastie triathlon – by Sarah Farnell

I picked this event because I have family nearby and I know this beautiful area well. I looked forward to it greatly and was not disappointed! It was very well organised and friendly, a great starter tri. First the ‘Wee Beastie’ triathletes set off-mostly people doing their first tri. There was quite a wait then before the ‘Big Beastie’ sprint event-transition closed at 10 and the second Beastie wave (the one I was in) didn’t set off until 11.sarah farnell130…

I was very cold waiting around even in my wetsuit! This would be my only niggle about the event…which I immediately forgot as soon as we got into the water to warm up! The swim was lovely, 750 m along the shallow edge of Loch […]

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