To all CTC members

Saturday Rides

We would like to make the Saturday rides more interesting and inclusive. From February the first ride each month will be a ‘social ride’ and will be at a speed, distance and route that is suitable for beginners and less strong riders. We will also restart the ‘away-days’ which proved to very popular in the past. Depending on races, holidays etc we will aim to have ‘away-day’ ride on the third Saturday of each month. We will aim to keep the drive distance as short as possible but sufficient to take us to new roads to ride. The rides will be longer than the usual Saturday morning rides. Please feel free to volunteer to organise any of these rides. Chris Lees and Colin Brooke have already offered to arrange rides from their home locations. Provisional schedule as follows:

  • 06-Feb 20-Feb
  • 05-Mar 19-Mar
  • 15-Apr 16-Apr
  • 07-May 21-May
  • 04-Jun 18-Jun
  • 02-Jul 16-Jul
  • 06-Aug 20-Aug
  • 03-Sep 17-Sep
  • 01-Oct 15-Oct
  • 05-Nov 19-Nov
  • 03-Dec 17-Dec
Membership Fees

It was agreed we will reduce the annual subs to £10 for this year. This is to mark the 10th anniversary of the clubs formation and may encourage new members to join. Roger Northrop is now our Membership Secretary so I’m sure he will be chasing you for your subs soon!