Slateman Full triathlon – 22nd May

Slateman Race report by Anne Johnson – 1000m swim, 50k bike, 11.6k run

I first heard about the Slateman three years ago from a race report in 220 magazine. Coming from a fell running background and just able to swimming 400m in the pool, the event appealed to me as a future goal.

On the morning of the race, Bill and I set off for Llanberis at 5am. Bill, not yet as enthused by triathlon as me, but there for much needed moral support.  I felt as prepared as I could be for the swim and my cycling had improved a lot. The run should have been my strongest discipline, but having had so much  problem with my knees and calfs, I didn’t know how it would go. The rain was meant to hold off until late afternoon but the heavens opened as I registered . Hadn’t taken any […]

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Velothon Wales – by Colin Brooke

Colin Brooke – reporting on Velothon Wales 22 May 2016

Tried owales velothonut the latest thing in cycling events last weekend – Velothon Wales is one of the series of events held throughout Europe. The really attractive feature of the 140km course was that it was all on closed roads which meant riding either side of islands and roundabouts and taking blind right hand bends tucked into the right hand kerb, just like the real thing as seen on TV. With 12500 participants there was some congestion on narrow roads and at feed stations but, otherwise, and especially without having to constantly check for vehicles, the event was very enjoyable. During the early easier part of the route there were murmurings and warnings about the impending climbs, a long one up the Tumble onto the moors and a shorter one up the […]

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Great Wall marathon – by Doug Gurr

“Great Wall Marathon” – kind of does what it says on the tin.  It’s a marathon, on the Great Wall of China – what’s not to like?  Slickly organized, it’s a marathon, half marathon and 8.5K “fun run” rolled into one with 2,500 runners (about 1,000 in the marathon itself) and around the quarter of the race on the Great Wall itself – passing East to West near the start and then West to East towards the end with (apparently) some 5,164 steps to be climbed along the way.  The rest of the course being a trog around some rural Chinese villages with a bunch of hills thrown in for good measure.

To reduce congestion the race sets off in five waves ten minutes apart from 7.30am to 8.10am with full and half marathon runners mixed together in the first four waves and the “fun” run […]

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New club kit – 1st Order goes in on 31st May !!

The eagerly awaited new kit site with Champion Systems is now live!

All the basic kit items are available to order and the hoodies are on the way !

Please act quickly if you want to order some kit – our order window is open until 31st May 2016. We need to order collectively to meet the minimum quantities required to go into production! The club will make up any small difference to achieve a minimum order if required, and prices have been reduced by 25% as an introductory offer.

Order Process – Quick Overview

Click on the link below and go to I AM A CS DIRECT MEMBER – ACCESS TO TEAM STORE:

Login details:


Our […]

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Tri-relay weekend – August bank holiday

So this is the race format for the Tri-relay weekend. August Bank Holiday.
If you are up for it let me (Stuart Blagborough) know as I need to book teams.
Your club membership covers the cost and the weekend is a different way to race or even just try and open water event.

Saturday 27 August – Triathlon Relays – 500m swim | 15km bike | 5km run

Teams of 4 – get a team of 4 together, be it friends, workmates or triclub friends!
You get breaks! Each team member will individually complete each section (swim / bike / run) before you all move on to the next discipline, meaning you get a nice break in between to rest and eat!
Anyone can enter – Come along and have some fun, to let you in on a secret… that’s what it’s all about!

Sunday 28 August – Tag Relay – 250m swim | […]

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Graham Plews qualifies for World champs in Mexico

Graham Plews receiving well earned silver medal at national champs.

The original venue for this years English Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships was to be St Neots in Cambridgeshire, this was changed only a week before to IMG_5378Grafham Water (another nearby ‘Nice Tr’i venue) due rain making the venue unsuitable. The good news is both venues allowed on-site camping which is always good when you have an early start.

Rhonda and I arrived on Saturday afternoon and although we didn’t have any club mates to share the experience with we were pleasantly surprised when some old friends from Tadcaster rolled in in their campervan.

The race was also a World Championship qualification event so attracted a top-notch-field. The numbers competing (able to compete!) in each group reduce as we get older but even in my […]

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