Brigg Quadrathlon – 27th May 2018 by Graham Plews

Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon – 27th May 2018

After getting on for thirty years of doing triathlon I fancied a change! I’d thought about Quadrathlon for a long time but never got round to it. As I sat shivering with hypothermia in the medical room at the Clitheroe Tri last year I got chatting to a lady that had suffered the same fate…we were both underdressed to cope with the 7C air temperature! She was the current World Quadrathlon Champion in her age-group and inspired me to take another look at this even more wacky sport.

For those that have never heard of this sport and don’t know what it is there is a clue in the name. Just think triathlon plus kayak, simple as that, well almost. They have various distances mostly based on ITU triathlon distances plus a kayak leg. For example the OD triathlon […]

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St Neot’s Triathlon – Olympic Distance. 13th May 2018 by Fiona Christian



St Neot’s Triathlon – Olympic Distance. 13th May 2018

I swore that I’d never do another ‘qualifier’ race again. I have horrendous memories of Liverypool 2013 which I think was the British Championships. My age group wave was the last of the waves to set off and whilst I always used to joke about not wanting to come in last, this time, that was a very real threat. Hottest day of the year, all the fastest age groupers in the UK…..and me. Fond memories include Jellyfish, having to be escorted around the swim by a lovely Scouser in a Kayak, horrid tight turns on the bike, running through treacle and to top it off being overtaken by some of the Para Triathletes. It was also my birthday. Slowest race ever. Yes, fair to say, I thought I’d had my fill of racing with the ‘best’.

Fast […]

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