Epicman review – by Fiona Christian


Epicman 2019 – by Fiona Christian

I’ve only got myself to blame.  I entered Epicman 2019 after discovering that I couldn’t, in fact, compete in an open long distance race during the world champs.  Clearly yours truly hadn’t qualified but there was definitely an open race advertised and so we booked the flights. They then removed the open race from the website.  Having started training early in the new year, I needed to find a new race and to maintain motivation. I suppose I could have just relaxed and decided not to race but my Chimp wouldn’t let me.  I’d already got a few miles in so I thought oh yes, I’ll go for a nice middle distance, checked the dates and found Epicman. I’d done their middle distance in Lancaster & the Forest of Bowland back in 2017 so I should have known it was […]