The Saturday Ride

The mainstay of the club activity come rain or shine is that we meet every Saturday morning at Mytholmroyd Community Centre. We meet at 0930 and generally will decide a route on the day according to the number and ability of those out. Rides are typically between 2 and 4 hours and as we’re in the Calder Valley, they do tend to involve a few hills. We always say that if you train in and around Calderdale, you can take part in any race!

Cycling Time Trials

Each year during July and August we typically run a series of time trials up at Norland Moor. These are usually on a Thursday Evening and are advertised via the Club Facebook page. These sessions are loved by both experienced Triathletes and the newer members of the club and you can improve on your time each week.


Midweek Rides

Usually there are additional mid-week rides. For members fortunate enough not to be slaves to the 9 to 5, they’ll take advantage of a good weather day and advertise for some riding companions via the club Facebook page.

Brick Sessions

Brick sessions (usually where you run off the bike to get used to running on tired legs!) are often run in conjunction with the time trial evenings depending on demand. These tend to be a bike ride of 15-20km with a 5km run immediately after.


Some members also ride alongside PedalSport who run coached and un-coached cycling sessions in Elland.